Last updated: February 21, 2023

Space Heaters

Hello everyone, lately I have been seeing and receiving calls from clients saying they have lost power to half of their house, When I arrive, I see Space heaters. I want to educate everyone that by code you can only use 80% of the load which means if you have a 15-amp circuit the maximum load it is able to handle is 12 Amps and normally that is 14-gauge wire. With a 20 Amp circuit the maximum load it can handle is 16 amps per the 80% rule, also 12 Guage wire is used for 20 amps. As per NEC code wire size goes hand in hand with amperage you have to have the correct wire size to get the correct amperage if you go high amperage and small wire you have a potential for a fire because it causes the wire to overheat and burn. So with space Heaters they need to be on a dedicated circuit.

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